My Food Week (25th February – 3rd March 2013)

I’ve been a bit better at taking photos this week and have had more time to spend cooking. It’s been a good food week!



IMAG0894I’m still addicted to my gluten free rice and buckwheat porridge flakes. Here I had porridge with strawberries, apples, almond milk and agave.

IMAG0910I branched out this morning and finally tried chia pudding. I used this recipe and refrigerated it over night then topped with sliced banana. It was lovely and refreshing!


IMAG0892Lemon and parsnip soup with homemade cornbread, both left over from last week. This made for a nice warming lunch at work!

IMAG0905A chestnut and squash roast made using this recipe. I made this at the beginning of the week and ate it with salads all week long! Here I had it with a beansprout and tomato salad.

IMAG0907And in my lunchbox I had it with a lettuce, carrot and tomato salad.


IMAG0893This was a chilli rice dish made with leftover chilli soup and tofu from last week. Lovely and spicy!

IMAG0906A Dragonfly seaweed tofu burger with corn on the cob and a stir fry of mange tout, spinach and beansprouts. There’s something amazingly sunshiny about a corn on the cob. Queue memories of chilli and lime corn at WOMAD last year!

IMAG0912Italian style lentil soup using this recipe. This was hearty and filling! Perhaps more suited to a cold winter day than a lovely spring one but nice anyway. What do you all think of my new soup bowls?

IMAG0913These are Samosa Stuffed Baked Potatoes from Veganomicon. You can read more about these in tomorrow’s post!


I’ve been eating a lot of chocolate this week! I’ve had Happy Kitchen Brownies and Lazy Day Foods Dark Chocolate Tiffin.

Other News…

I’ve joined My Fitness Pal so I can track how many calories I’m eating (I want to make sure I’m eating enough as I’ve been losing weight) as well as iron, protein and calcium. My profile is here.

What have you been eating recently?


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