Monthly Food Shop Haul – February

Last month I decided not to use the supermarkets anymore and to opt instead for the local wholefoods shop and greengrocers. Although the wholefoods shop is further from my house than the supermarkets I’ve found it remarkably easy to stick to my promise! Even the short train journey is worth it for the amount of choice and expertise that can be found and shopping is much more enjoyable.

Here is this month’s food haul!


It’s not as large as last month as I didn’t need such a big stock up. This meant I could afford to splash out on some snacks!


Rhubarb and custard is now my favourite flavour of Nakd bar. It tastes amazing (just like the old sweets) and, like the others, keeps me going until lunch if I have it as a mid morning snack. I also got three more brownies from Happy Kitchen. I was raving about these last month but this time I’ve got a pecan one to try too! I can’t believe they’re made with all natural wholefoods ingredients, they taste divine. The four chocolate bars you can see at the bottom were an impulse buy. They are vegan bars based on some favourite chocolate bars from my dairy eating past. Unfortunately I forgot to check the ingredients on these and it turns out that only Cleo’s Peanut Butter Cups are gluten free. I ate them greedily after my lunch and they tasted fabulous. I’ve also been reliably informed that the Twilight bar tastes just like a Mars Bar.

Some real food worth mentioning:


Oh yes… I found gluten free/vegan lasagne sheets! Lasagne used to be one of my favourite foods so this is particularly exciting. I’ve given up processed vegan cheese but am imagining some kind of roasted vegetable lasagne with cashew cheese sauce.


You may have noticed in the food haul photo above that there are some burgers called “Sea Cakes”. These are made of tofu and have seaweed inside. I was apprehensive when I first bought them but they taste amazing. I decided to give some more seaweed a try as I’ve read that it has some pretty good health benefits. I picked up this Green Nori Sprinkle which I don’t know what to do with! I’ll definitely give it a try though. If anyone has any tips please let me know in the comments!

That’s it folks! Have you bought any exciting food recently?


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