My Food Week (11th-17th February)

It’s been a good food week this week due to more food in the kitchen and more days off to experiment!


Breakfast has been gluten free cornflakes and either almond or hazelnut milk all week like usual! I had a couple of meals worth mentioning though.

IMAG0828 Gluten free and vegan banana pancakes for pancake day! I used this recipe and served it with alpro yoghurt, grapes, mango, honeydew melon, watermelon and syrup. A tropical pancake delight!


I wanted a warming cooked breakfast this morning so decided to make a vegetable hash that I found in a very old vegetarian cookbook. This was potato, mushroom, pepper, onion, spinach and tomato stir fries and served with baked beans.



Thai style lentil and coconut soup from The New Soup Bible by Anne Sheasby. This was lovely, creamy and comforting!

IMAG0840A carrot and coriander soup from Weight Watchers Meat Free Meals. I added lentils and rice to this to make it a bit more filling and ground some chilli flakes on the top for some heat.


I attempted to make some homemade gluten free rolls this week using this recipe from Madame Gluten-Free Vegetarian. I added some garlic and chives to give them a bit more flavour and had them with a sandwich spread made from silken tofu, lemon juice, basil and onions. They were perfectly crisp on the outside and lovely and soft inside. I’ll definitely be making these again!

IMAG0838There’s nothing like a nice fresh salad for lunch! I packed this colourful salad in my box this week. It contains spinach, watercress, red cabbage, grated carrot, peppers, tomatoes, sunflower seeds and flaked almonds. I sprinkled it with chives and nutritional yeast. This type of lunch keeps me energised all afternoon!



A quick fried rice dish with leeks, tomatoes and sesame seeds. Like vegan junk food!


Pasta with chickpeas and garden peas. I made a lovely sauce using a mushroom stock cube and some almond milk and it was a quick stodgy meal.

IMAG0841This is a lemon and potato casserole from an old cookbook of mine. It was lovely but the cumin and coriander came across more than the lemon did. I had it with broccoli and peas and it was the perfect winter meal!


I’ve been loving my Graze boxes recently. I get a weekly box with 4 types of healthy snacks inside which are catered to my likes, dislikes and dietary requirements. This week I had Mississipi BBQ Pistachios and they were absolutely amazing. I also had some Black Pepper Popcorn. I’ve not had the rest of my box yet but am looking forward to it! If you’re interested in a Graze box you can get a free box by following this link.

IMAG0834I also made banana and nut cookies using a recipe from Gluten Free Vegan Comfort Food. The recipe was actually for chocolate chip cookies but I substituted chopped nuts and slivered almonds and it turned out lovely.

That’s it for this week! What have you been eating this week?


4 thoughts on “My Food Week (11th-17th February)

  1. I also use Graze to give me some other snack ideas. I included a graze box in my vegan swap box this month! Blue Dragon have 2 sauces for a rice bake; Japenese Special Fried and Chinese Special Fried (both vegan friendly) which I might try soon after looking at your quick fried rice dish. I’m hungry!

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