My Food Week (5th-10th February)

The weeks seem to be speeding by! It seems like no time since I was last doing this post!

This week I had a trip to the wholefoods shop so I had more ingredients to play around with. It’s been a busy week though so I’ve not got photos of everything (sorry!).



Boring but yummy breakfasts all week! Like usual it’s been split between Brown Rice Puffs and Dove’s Farm Cornflakes. I’ve had more fruit to play around with though! The photo above is rice puffs with almond milk, bananas, strawberries, blackberries and blueberries.


ImageA lot of salads this week! The one shown above is lettuce, watercress and spinach with carrots, cucumber, avocado, sesame seeds and pumpkin seeds. I had similar lunches at work but added rocket too. I’m not usually a big fan of avocado but it was lovely!

ImageSome more chickpea pancakes. I think these are my new addiction! This time I added spinach to the pancakes and served them with red pesto and fresh tomatoes and red peppers. The recipe for the pancakes can be found here.


ImageOne of my favourite meals is risotto but I’ve not remembered to buy the rice in a long time! This shopping trip I remembered to buy it so had a creamy risotto topped with roasted squash, carrots and parsnips.

ImageI found a jar of vegan red pesto in the wholefoods shop so I had to recreate the pasta and pesto meal I used to eat all the time when I was a student! This is gluten free pasta with pesto, red peppers, mushrooms and spinach. Ultimate comfort food.

ImageI decided I wanted something chinese for tea tonight what with chinese new year! I made some veggie spring rolls from scratch with red peppers, carrots, onions and mushrooms inside and served them with stir fried sesame broccoli and greens. Yummy junk food!


This week I have been addicted to blood oranges. They’re lovely and fresh and full of vitamin C!

I was also introduced to Happy Kitchen chocolate brownies. I’ve had the double chocolate, the raspberry and the chocolate orange. These things are absolutely amazing. They are wholefood bars and are sweetened with fruit juice. The chocolate is dense and dark and they are totally lovely.

Finally I also got to try two new flavours of Nakd bar. The chocolate mint one tastes similar to the cocoa loco one but with a hint of mint (obviously). It’s a bit like a healthy brownie! The rhubarb and custard tastes unhealthy in a good way. Very reminiscent of rhubarb and custard sweeties.

What lovely things have you been eating this week?


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