Barnett’s Wholefoods and Supermarkets vs Smaller Shops

Yesterday I ventured out to find a wholefoods shop that I’d heard about in Waterloo which is just one stop on the train from where I live. I was in dire need of stocking up my cupboards so was hoping that this shop would be as good (if not better) as the shops I use when I travel into Liverpool.

The wholefoods shop is called Barnett’s Wholefoods and can be found on St John’s Road in Waterloo, Merseyside. I have to say it was everything I hoped and more! I’ve found my new monthly stock up location. Not only was the shop full of everything I wanted (gluten free and vegan products) I had to restrain myself from buying more!

There was also an extremely helpful man working there (I’m sorry I don’t know your name!) who I had a long chat with about healthy eating and going gluten free. He supplied me with tasters of three types of Kale Chips – the best ones being onion and a sample of a Booja Booja truffle.

All in all a very pleasant shopping experience! On my way back to the train station I stopped off at a greengrocers to buy some much needed green leafy vegetables and fruit. I was very shocked at how cheap they were! Here is a picture of all of the wonderful things I came home with.

ImageAs you can see I’m well stocked up! By the way, those Happy Kitchen brownies are absolutely amazing.

My wonderful shopping morning got me thinking about how I usually shop. It’s a combination of a big shop at either Tesco or Asda and then bits from Holland and Barrett and maybe a trip into Liverpool. I always hate shopping in supermarkets and put it off. I end up buying more than I needed and not finding the things I actually wanted. I also end up spending more money on fruit and vegetables than is really necessary. Add to that a splash of guilt for shopping in a place which is helping to put smaller shops and greengrocers out of business and you end up with a very unpleasant shopping experience.

Of course I understand that for many people there isn’t much choice and time constraints also mean that supermarket shopping is the only way. For those where this isn’t the case I urge you to consider shopping at smaller shops where the service is usually better and the produce is often cheaper! I have decided that I’m not going to bother with the huge supermarkets any more as it just isn’t necessary and I much prefer shopping the way I did today. Shopping should be a joy – not a chore!

Where do you do your food shopping? Do you think we should go back to using smaller shops?

You can find out more about Barnett’s Wholefoods here.


2 thoughts on “Barnett’s Wholefoods and Supermarkets vs Smaller Shops

  1. Ugh I am so jealous. It is pretty much just supermarkets where I live. I sometimes do a shop on real foods website as they do free delivery if you spend enough but then you have to worry about being in when the courier comes etc. I hope england starts catering more for people like us

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