My Food Week (28th January – 3rd February)

My food this week hasn’t been overly exciting as the last week of the month is all about using what’s left over in the kitchen until payday! Still there have been some highlights.


All week I’ve been having Brown Rice Puffs (made by Rude Health) with almond milk and banana. This morning I had more fruit in my kitchen so I had an extra fruity bowl with strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and banana. Yum.


Carrot, Squash and Lentil Soup

Carrot, Squash and Lentil Soup


Basil Scrambled Tofu








I’ve been living off last weeks Carrot, Squash and Lentil soup in my food flask when I’ve been at work. I started grinding chilli flakes into it when reheating too which gave it a nice spicy kick! As always I teamed my soup with hummus on rice cakes.

For two days in a row when I was at home I had Basil Scrambled Tofu with Walnuts, Sundried Tomatoes and Mushrooms. If you haven’t already seen my post about this then click on the tofu image above for a recipe and some tips on how to make the best scrambled tofu.



pasta (tues)

Pasta bake with salad

Chickpea Pancake

Chickpea Pancake








More leftovers this week as I finished my pasta and bean bake that I made at the end of last week. Amazing comfort food made with store cupboard ingredients!

On Wednesday I fancied something a little different. I made a huge chickpea pancake and had it with some roasted vegetables and baked beans (my weakness). It tasted absolutely amazing. I used this recipe.

On Friday night I went to my first ScouseVeg meeting which was in The Egg cafe in Liverpool. The food was amazing (as always) and the people were lovely. Unfortunately my phone ran out of battery so I couldn’t take photos of the food. I had Tandoori Mushrooms with rice and lots of salad. The Egg always give you a plate with a mountain of food I find! The Egg is a vegan/vegetarian cafe in Liverpool which also caters for gluten free people like me (you just have to ask which food is suitable). I’ll do a full post on The Egg cafe soon but for now here is a link to their website. On the way out I asked if there were any vegan and gluten free cakes and came out with two huge chocolate muffins. Amazing stuff!


Snacks and Smoothies

Peanut Butter, banana, chocolate smoothie (mon)

I’ve been eating a lot of crisps this week (I know… naughty) and pre bought smoothies from M&S which are pretty good. On Tuesday though I had a wonderful banana, peanut butter and chocolate smoothie. It got me through the morning at work!


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