My Food Week (21st-27th January)

It’s that time again where I recap what I’ve eaten for the week and whether I feel guilty or not! It’s been a pretty good week seeing as it’s getting close to the end of the month and I haven’t had much money. I stocked up well this month so I haven’t run out of food as much as usual! I’ve started taking more snacks to work with me so I can eat smaller meals which is easier.


I’m loving plain gluten free cereals with nut milk and chopped banana for breakfast. This week I’ve had Brown Rice Puffs (made by Rude Health – and Dove’s Farm Cornflakes ( I’m still using Alpro Hazelnut milk and I can’t decide whether it is better than almond or not! A bit of maple syrup has been amazing on my cereal too.

On Tuesday night I made a huge Quinoa bake using this recipe –


I made a few changes to the recipe (as always!). I didn’t have enough quinoa so I made the value up with rice. This made for an interesting texture but I would like to try it with just quinoa next time. I also added some dark chocolate chips because I had some left over and used chopped nuts on the top instead of almond slivers (because I didn’t have any). It was a really nice hearty breakfast heated up for the next couple of mornings with a splash of soya milk.



Broccoli Soup

Broccoli Soup

Carrot, Squash and Lentil Soup

Carrot, Squash and Lentil Soup

I’m still in soup mode for my lunches. I love my food flask! I’ve been eating the leftovers of my broccoli soup from last week which was from the Meat Free Mondays Cookbook. Today I made a Carrot, Butternut Squash and Red Lentil soup from here – The ultimate winter warmer!


This week I also came across a new variety of Hummus in Sainsbury’s – Pea and Mint. I wasn’t sure if I’d like it or not but took a risk and I’m glad I did! It is really nice. I’ve been having it on rice cakes with my soup.

The other lunches I don’t have pictures of which isn’t very organised I know (sorry!). I had an amazing salad on Wednesday consisting of a mixture of lettuce leaves and rocket and a big helping of butterbean stew leftovers (more on that later). On Friday I made a pasta salad using gluten free spaghetti, spinach, tomatoes, spring onions, sunflower seeds and mushrooms along with a huge amount of vegan mayonnaise. Yesterday I roasted some vegetables (cherry tomatoes, fennel, carrot and parsnip) and had them mixed into some wild, red and white rice.


On Monday I came home wanting my favourite comfort food – tofu scramble. I can’t believe I used to hate this stuff! I fried it with red pepper and leek and had it over a jacket potato.


I always love it when I have hours and hours to prepare my meal. A hunt in my food cupboard on Tuesday provided me with a tin of butter beans and a tin of tomatoes. I made this recipe for Braised Butter Beans with Tomatoes – and had it with roasted potatoes and boiled carrots and parsnips. It was amazing and the beans tasted even better the next day over salad leaves. Butter beans no longer seem boring! On Wednesday I even mixed the remainder of beans with some sweetcorn and some chilli powder and had it over a jacket potato with some salad.



A hunt in the reduced section in Tesco on Thursday provided me with a quick and simple tea for two days! I had singapore style rice noodles (basically curry spices) with stir fried button mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, sweetcorn, spring onions and spinach. This was especially comforting after the journey home in the sludge on Friday night. I even dug out my festival wellies!

Cottage Pie

Cottage Pie

More leftovers from the freezer made my meal on Saturday night. This time it was the mushroom and lentil cottage pie from a couple of weeks back. A lovely, comforting meal with broccoli, carrot and peas and a gravy made from chickpea flour, sesame oil, stock and herbs.

IMAG0789Last (but definitely not least!) was another store cupboard meal. I used my last tin of tomatoes with a tin of beans, broccoli, mushrooms, celery and red pepper to make a filling pasta bake. I had this with a side of salad leaves and a dollop of that amazing pea and mint hummus! I’ve got enough pasta bake to last me into the week too.

Snacks and Smoothies

On Friday I followed this recipe – for an amazing banana and chocolate smoothie. Unfortunately I used more spinach in my smoothie than the recipe states. It still tasted amazing but looked very much like green sludge rather than the lovely chocolate milk look in the recipe’s photo (much to the disgust of my coworkers when I poured it out of my flask!). Oh well, people are used to me eating weird food by now and it sure tasted good!

Other snacks this week have been Gingerbread Nakd bars (my new love), clementines and many bananas.


All in all quite a good week in terms of food! Things I’ll definitely be having again – braised butterbeans, both soups and that amazing hummus.


What have you been eating this week?


2 thoughts on “My Food Week (21st-27th January)

  1. Yum that food all looks really good! I’m intrigued by the quinoa bake, I was imagining it’d be savoury then I saw you added choc chips…delicious!!! I also love the Dove farm cornflakes, I have mine with hemp milk, ground flax and some blueberries x

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