My Food Week (13th-20th January 2013)

As part of my new diet (that you can read about here – I’m going to be doing weekly blog posts on the foods I’ve eaten and any recipes/blogs that I’ve used. My new diet started very well with a vegan/wholefoods New Years Day dinner but then the week after I caught some kind of stomach bug and went back to eating beans on toast. I have now cut processed foods out of my diet and started cooking from scratch again. I’m therefore eating a vegan/gluten free wholefoods (as much as I can) diet and am trying out lots of new recipes. Here was my week.


Every day this week I’ve been eating brown rice puffs with sliced banana, hazelnut milk and maple syrup.



Rosemary "Flatbreads"

Rosemary “Flatbreads”


These were from Simply Gluten Free and Dairy Free by Grace Cheetham.   They were supposed to be flatbreads but mine ended up more like rolls. I pressed some rosemary into the top of them to give them some more flavour. Yummy dipped in soup!

Stir fry

Stir fry

I had some marinated tofu pieces by Cauldron in my fridge that needed using up so I made a quick stir fry with button mushrooms, red peppers, leeks, walnuts and red cabbage. It was a good quick lunch.

Broccoli Soup

Broccoli Soup

This was today’s lunch and it was perfect for the snowy weather. It’s the Cream of Broccoli Soup from the Meat Free Mondays Cookbook. I didn’t have enough broccoli though so my version had savoy cabbage and spinach in it as well.


Cottage Pie

Cottage Pie

On Sunday I made a huge cottage pie loosely following this recipe – . The base of this pie is mushrooms and brown lentils and the topping is a mixture of potato, carrot, sweet potato, parsnip and cauliflower. I also threw some leeks and spinach in the base for extra veg. I currently have Tupperware containers of this filling my freezer drawer.

Taco Soup

Taco Soup

I had a go at this slow-cooker taco soup on Wednesday. Unfortunately I decided on it too late to use a slow cooker so I made it on the hob. I also didn’t have any sweetcorn so I used garden peas. It was really nice if a bit too spicy for me! I got the recipe from here –

Quinoa burgers

Last but not least… today’s meal was amazing. I made quinoa burgers using this recipe – and sweet potato fries using this one –

So that’s my week of food! Next week I’m going to start recording what I eat more so I can see my progress a bit better.

Have you eaten anything new/interesting this week?


3 thoughts on “My Food Week (13th-20th January 2013)

  1. I think I’m going to really enjoy reading your weekly updates! Although I’m not veggie (but have been in the past) or vegan I do cook a mainly meat-free diet and am always looking for new ideas and inspirations. Things I particularly enjoyed cooking & eating this week include marinated tofu with Chinese 5 spice, garlic & soy sauce, and a quick & easy butterbean hummus.

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